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My first seven years racing pro, from 2005 to 2011, I struggled greatly to maintain decent performances and results. I had the talent, which I’d show during the week by being the practice-track hero.

However, when it came to performing at the races, I was inconsistent and, more often than not, very physically and mentally weak. I’d get horrible arm pump early in the races, after dry-heaving on the start line from nerves.

Then, my shoulders would fatigue because I would be riding tight, all upper body and no flow. Finally, my legs would cramp up and I’d throw out the metaphorical anchor just past the hour mark of most events, crossing the line with a lack luster finish, then laying down in pain until the muscle cramps passed.

It was an all-too-common routine. In that time, I’d tried numerous motorcycle trainers, experimented with countless diet and supplement fads, seen a sports psychologist, over-trained, under-trained, thought about retiring (a lot), and, aside from the odd flash, couldn’t seem to break through this performance barrier.

I’d subscribed to what everyone around me, and conventional wisdom at the time, said I was supposed to do. But it wasn’t working.

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Then, in 2012, I aggressively began doing my own research into health, performance, and especially diet. I implemented changes that I believed in, and my performances slowly began to improve.

By taking control of my diet and changing the way I was cross-training—to open up and strengthen my body—I not only found increased strength and endurance on the motorcycle, I was also building a stronger mentality.

In addition, my acne, which I’d had since my early teens all over my face, neck and upper back, cleared up and started to heal; the arthritis symptoms in my left ankle that I badly broke in 2003 improved; I lost a lot of inflammation around my gut, and even my face (my wife and I used to call me skinny-fat); and I didn’t have the food-dependent energy swings that I’d been used to.

The changes I made, and the performances that resulted, led to nine top-tier championships over the following five years—three WORCS titles (2013, ‘15 & ‘16), four Best in the Desert crowns(2012- ‘15), one NGPC (then BIG 6 WCGP) championship in 2012, and helping earn the SCORE 1X plate in 2014.

My Passion For Connection

My passion for the connection between diet, training, and overall lifestyle has only increased since then. And now, I want to pass on the knowledge I’ve learned, and continue to accumulate, to help you improve your self as well.

This applies to on-the-bike skills, speed, and body mechanics; cross-training and developing workout programs; diet and nutritional support; mental strength and performance; and lifestyle strategies to help with overall health.

This doesn’t just apply to the aspiring, or current, professional racer. No matter your age or skill level, we’ll work together to help you improve in the areas you desire so you can perform better on and off the bike.